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Landscape Design: Brooklyn, NY

Landscape Design: Brooklyn, NY

A Welcoming Entry Garden with a Modern Flair

This attached rowhouse in Brooklyn will be renovated next year, but in the meantime the owners were eager to create a welcoming oasis in their tiny front yard. They wanted a landscape design with a clean, modern aesthetic and envisioned a geometric layout using rectangular pavers embedded in moss.

Their Home Outside designer, Bethany Gracia, loved their exciting ideas for their entry garden. She created a hardscaping plan for their contractor to install the walkway using poured concrete slabs. She softened the hardscape with the addition of a small birch tree and groundcover plantings. The homeowner carefully gathered moss from her family’s home outside the city and nurtured it to grow in the joints between the concrete slabs. The walkway gives easy access to the front door as well as to the stylish, locally-made Citibin trash containers (not yet installed at the time this photo was taken).

The low-maintenance plantings provide year-round interest, with an urban-hardy nod to northeastern woodland gardens. While searching for the perfect focal point, the couple saw that Yankee Stadium was selling vintage stadium seats. Bethany enthusiastically adjusted the plan to include a pair of seats that provide a quirky, colorful accent and reflect the family’s attachment to their city. They now have a lovely place to sit in their garden with a cup of coffee and watch the flow of passersby.

This project involved the following Home Outside services: Your Home Outside Design, Hourly Consulting, and Planting Design Services. Stay tuned for a soon-to-be-released video of the Home Outside process and installation of this project! Pictured above in the garden is Eddie Grams, videographer, of Studio-C.