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Plant List


Get a Plant List if you want our designers to select plants that are recommended for your planting zone, look good together, and are suitable for your maintenance needs and aesthetic preferences. Maybe you have the knowledge and experience to determine quantities and placement on your own, or you have the help of a good nursery to fulfill your plant list. We’ll take the guesswork out of selecting the right combination of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants for your garden.


A Plant List includes…

+ List of species for each planting area in Your Home Outside Design

+ A link to a personalized image board featuring photos and info of each plant per list

+ Peace of mind knowing you’re going to buy expertly chosen plants that work.

Contact us for a Plant List price quote

based on the complexity and size of your design area.




Planting Plan Package


The Planting Plan Package gives you a plan showing plants for each of the planting areas in your landscape including specific names, varieties, and quantities. Our experienced designers will select trees, shrubs, and plants that are suitable for your planting zone, look good together, meet your maintenance needs, and match your aesthetic preferences. We’ll tell you how many plants to purchase and exactly where to place them in your landscape. We’ll also follow up with a phone call to discuss the Planting Plan and answer any questions you might have.


A Planting Plan Package includes:

+ A PDF of your digitally-rendered Planting Plan showing plant varieties, quantity, and placement within your landscape

+ A design featuring seasonal interest and beautiful plant combinations suited to your site

+ A link to a personalized image board of photos and info for each suggested plant in your Planting Plan

Contact us for a Planting Plan Package price quote

based on the complexity and size of your design area.



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