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Need to replace your lawn?

Home Outside can help!

Get a functional, immediately usable plan in just a few weeks. We’ll help you transform your thirsty landscape into a water-wise, beautiful space. We’ll createYour Home Outside Design to establish the hardscape, garden beds, and any other changes to your property. Then, we’ll address the planting areas with either a Plant List or Planting Plan Package. If you’re satisfied with your existing layout and just need a Plant List or Planting Plan, we’d be glad to help! We’ll work with you to understand your site’s conditions (sun exposure, soil type, wind exposure, and moisture level) so we can create a Plant List or Planting Plan to suit your needs.


Your Home Outside Design

+ Your Home Outside Design is a plan view of all the elements you want on your property, organized in a beautiful and functional design
+ Designer’s notes call out the functions of various areas and elements, general materials, and practical and aesthetic recommendations
+ This level of design includes plant suggestions such as “small flowering tree,” “evergreen groundcover,” “mixed border,” etc.
+ You’ll get a link to a personalized image board with photos that reference aspects of your design.
+ Discuss the design with your designer in a 30-min. phone or screenshare conversation.
+ Based on your feedback, your designer will revise the design and deliver your final design.

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Plant List

+ A Plant List provides a list of specific plants for each planting area in Your Home Outside Design.
+ You’ll also get a link to a personalized image board featuring photos and info for each plant listed.

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Planting Plan Package

+ You’ll get a detailed Planting Plan showing individual plants, noted with specific plant names and quantities.
+ You’ll get a link to a personalized image board with photos and info for the plants featured.
+ Discuss the plants and design ideas with your designer via email, phone, or screenshare.

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