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Your Home Outside Design

Let us design it–get a plan view of all the elements you want on your property, organized in a beautiful and functional design. No matter where you live, our expert designers will incorporate your property information, aesthetic preferences, and needs into a unique, illustrative plan for your Home Outside.



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Your design will include…

+  An aesthetically pleasing and functional design layout that incorporates your Ideal Site into your existing landscape.

+  Designer’s notes that call out the functions of various areas and elements, general materials, and practical and aesthetic recommendations.

+  Plant suggestions such as “small flowering tree,” “evergreen groundcover,” “mixed border,” etc.

+  A personalized image board referencing aspects of your design.

+  You’ll get a draft design, then discuss it with your designer via phone call, screenshare, or email.

+  Based on your feedback, your designer will create a final design and upload it to your client account.

Your Home Outside Design will be digitally rendered, complete with designer’s notes describing each aspect of the design. Within three weeks of receiving your materials, we will deliver a draft design for your feedback and then your final design. Both will be delivered as 11×17″ printable PDF and an editable design to open in the Home Outside app.


I’m in! Let’s get started!

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Need help with certain areas?

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Your Front Yard

Everyone wants curb appeal! You might want to remove outdated foundation plantings or an overgrown hedge but don’t know what to put in their place. Your front entry should suit your house and your personality. Is your style traditional or relaxed, formal or friendly, whimsical and eclectic or sleek and modern?
Our Home Outside workbook will help you determine which aesthetic is best for you.

Backyard Entertaining, Fairfax County, Virginia

Your Back Yard

The back yard tends to be where people really relax and live outdoors. A creative design can help to organize a variety of functions: contemplative spaces, a place to grill and gather, outdoor games and activities, a firepit or water feature, playspace for the kids that won’t take over the whole yard. Maybe you want to figure out the best place to site a shed or pergola, or how to create pathways that flow. You might be seeking privacy or need to screen an unsightly view (or enhance a lovely one).
We’ll help you turn your back yard into a real Home Outside.

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Patio Design

Whether you are refurbishing an existing patio or terrace or building one from scratch, you want it to be beautifully integrated into your landscape. It needs to be easily accessible from the house and yard and designed with site conditions in mind. Do you want a patio immersed in billowing gardens or organized for easy entertaining and parties? Do you love groupings of containers, or do you yearn for a simple, low-maintenance space? An intimate firepit patio can be a delightful addition to a front yard, while linked multi-level backyard terraces can provide outdoor rooms for large social gatherings.
If you can dream it, we can design it.

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Your Entire Property

Need a conceptual design to organize your entire property? Tell us all the features you’d like to include—shade trees, perennial beds, veggie and herb gardens, a firepit, terrace or deck, a poolhouse, outdoor dining, a privacy screen, whatever you’ve been dreaming of. Our expert landscape architects and designers will show you how to organize all these items practically and aesthetically.
When you have a whole-property plan that complements your home and your lifestyle, you can install it in phases or all at once, secure in the knowledge that you have a design that works.

Here’s How It Works



Tell Us Your Ideas

Save on traditional design fees by doing some of the prep work yourself. The Home Outside in-app workbook will guide you through how to describe your property, upload photos, and tell us about your style, needs, and goals.


Send Us Your Info

Use the Home Outside app to create your Property Base Plan, or hire us to do it for you. Import an image of a plan as a background or use the app’s Map Tool to import a satellite image of your property. Identify existing features, then send it to your designer from the app.


Get a Design You’ll Love

You’ll receive a scaled, colorfully rendered digital landscape design that suits your site, style, and needs. Build it yourself, bring to your local nursery, or give to your contractor to build for you.

Let’s Get Started!


Your Home Outside–1 Design

Our basic design service–a personalized plan, notes, and an image board.

$649 - ADD TO CART

Your Home Outside–2 Designs

For people who like to have more options–get two schemes for your property.

$899 - ADD TO CART


Ask an Expert

Create a design with the Home Outside app, get it fine-tuned by an expert.

$149 - ADD TO CART

Additional Services

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.14.10 PMPlant List

Get a list of suggested plant species for your planting areas, as well as an image board featuring images and info for each plant on your list. Hourly rate $99.

LEARN MORE          Contact us for quote based on sq. footage and complexity of design.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.14.52 PMPlanting Plan Package

Get a detailed planting plan with species recommended for your location. Includes quantities and placement of plants as well as a personalized image board of photos and info for each plant. Hourly rate $99.

LEARN MORE          Contact us for quote based on sq. footage and complexity of design.

HomeOutside_Addtl-services3D View of Your Home Outside

A perspective sketch, created as a photo overlay from a ‘before’ photo of your choice, to show what Your Home Outside design will look like as a built landscape. You’ll receive a full-color PDF.

LEARN MORE         $199 – ADD TO CART (available only to Home Outside clients)

hourglass-150pxBase Plan

No time to create your Property Base Plan for your Home Outside Design workbook? Send us your info and have your designer create your Property Base Plan for you.

$99 – ADD TO CART (available only to Home Outside clients)

hourglass-150pxHourly Consulting

Need our designers to further develop the details of your design (e.g., deck design, hardscape materials, etc.)? Hire us at an hourly rate of $99. We’ll provide our best estimate based on your needs.

LEARN MORE and Contact us for a quote

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