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Is the Home Outside app optimized for iPhone6, iPhone6+, iPads, and other tablets?

Yes, it is! It is optimized for all screens, including iPad Pro, iPad minis and retina display.

How large is the app, i.e., how much memory does it require?

The Home Outside app is approximately 650 MB.

Does the app have actual plants?

The Home Outside app is a conceptual design tool, not a plant database. It has many plant shapes, colors, and textures, but not specific species or varieties. You can, however, use the Notes tool to label the plants in your design. There is a free Tree palette and a free Garden palette of basic bed shapes. There are four additional in-app purchase palettes: Shrub, Perennial, and Grass (in the Plants menu) and Container (which can be found in the Details menu). Each plant element can be resized and used to represent different types of plants as needed.

Why do some palettes have a blue ‘+’ symbol?

These palettes are available as part of an in-app purchase package. Hundreds of elements are available in the free version, and additional special palettes can be purchased. To buy an in-app purchase package, tap the ‘+’ symbol and then tap an element in that palette. You will have an opportunity to confirm before the stated purchase price is charged by the app store. You can also view and buy all available in-app purchases by tapping the shopping cart icon, which can be found at the top of the Saved Designs gallery page.

I paid for an in-app purchase, and now I don’t see it.

Please uninstall and reinstall the app. Your in-app purchase should reappear.

I’m having a hard time selecting an element without accidentally moving other elements.

Use the Lock Layers feature to avoid moving elements inadvertently. Tap the Layers icon at top right, and tap the Lock icon to lock a layer. Then continue designing in a new layer. If you need to make changes to a locked layer, just go back to Layers and tap the lock icon again to unlock it. Keep in mind that it helps to zoom in to work on a detailed part of your design featuring lots of elements.

When I tap an element, why can’t I see the selection ring around it?

If you’re zoomed in too far, the ring might be too large to fit on your screen. Zoom out and you’ll see it. When you’re zoomed in and you tap an element but don’t see the selection ring, you’ll know it was selected if the bottom toolbars change to show the “Group,” “Ungroup,” and “Duplicate” buttons.

The top and bottom toolbars just disappeared!

If you’re in Preview mode, tap the screen, and they’ll come right back. If you’re in Design mode, tap the center of the top navigation bar (where your design’s name is) to make the toolbars reappear/disappear. This feature is useful if you’d like to see more of your design.

I selected a design from my Gallery and I want to add to it, but I can’t find the “+” tool in the toolbar.

You may still be in Preview mode. Tap the pencil icon in the top right corner to enter Design mode. Changes will be saved automatically to the design in your Gallery.

Is there an Undo button?

The Undo button is in the bottom toolbar when you’re in design mode. (There’s also Redo in case you change your mind.)

I added some elements to my design, but I realize I want to move and rotate them. Can I do that?

Yes! You can Group elements together (this works if they are all in the same layer) and then move, resize, and rotate them as one unit. Tap one of the elements, then tap the Group button, then tap all the elements you want to add to your Group. A white rectangular outline will indicate the elements have been grouped together. To ungroup, tap an element in the group then tap “Ungroup” and tap the element you want to remove from the group (indicated by a red outline).

Can I use my property plan or survey as a background?

Yes! Save your plan or survey in the photo gallery on your phone or tablet. (Hint: you can just snap a photo of your survey if you have a hard copy.) In the Home Outside app, tap Settings, and then tap Set photo as background. Select your image, and you’re done! Note that you will need to enable access in your device’s Privacy Settings first.

I want to upload a photo as a background, but the app tells me it doesn’t have access to my photos or videos.

Go into your device’s Settings > Privacy > Photos, and toggle on the Home Outside app button.

I located my property using the Map Tool, now how do I import that map image of my property?

Once you locate your property, use the pin icon to drop pins at the corners of your property. Then tap “Fit to Screen” to optimize the view, then “Apply” (the checkmark icon). The map will be imported into your design as an image in its own layer. Rotate and resize the map image to fit your design area, then lock the Map layer in Layers so it is not inadvertently edited while you design over it.

How can I make a Layer invisible?

Tap the sunburst symbol to the left of the Layer you wish to make invisible. Tap it once more to make the Layer visible again.

Can I re-order my Layers list?

The three-line symbol at the right of each Layer serves as a “handle” for dragging it to a different place in the list. Place your finger on this symbol and drag the Layer up or down.

How can I use a grid background?

The grid of guidelines is part of the Premium Tools in-app purchase. Tap the Settings symbol. Scroll down to Grid and tap the toggle to make the grid visible. Use the slider to adjust the size of the grid. Exit the Settings menu to see the grid in design mode.

How do I resize the view of each design in my gallery?  The bottom portion of each is cut off.

The size of the Gallery images depends on how far in or out you are zoomed when you exit your design. Try zooming all the way out before you exit if you’d like to see the whole design in your gallery thumbnail.

How do I share a design on email or social media?

Exit design mode and return to either Preview mode or the Gallery. In Gallery, tap the thumbnail of the design you want to share which will bring you to Preview mode. In Preview, look for the Share button in the bottom toolbar.

Can I turn my screen to change my design from Portrait to Landscape orientation?

No. At this time, the app only works in Portrait orientation.

Most other issues can be resolved by closing/quitting the app and restarting your device. Try that first, if your problem persists, please write to us about it!


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