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Home Outside is a landscape design app and service for everyone.

Tap-and-drag functionality lets you design your entire property, not just your veggie garden, with hundreds of useful and fun elements, from trees to pools to paths to chicken coops!

Unlike garden apps that limit users to specific garden shapes and sizes, Home Outside lets you personalize your design to match your real-life yard or the landscape of your dreams. Map your property, import your property base plan background, add descriptive notes, and share your designs with friends. Design for fun, or get more precise with rulers, snap-to-grid, and sketch tools.

Recommended by USA Today, Fox News, and Gardenista and called “one of the ten freshest picks” of gardening apps by The New York Times.




700+ Elements

With twenty-nine palettes of landscape elements, use a wide variety of plan-view icons to represent your house, patios, plants, furniture, activities, etc.


Map it

Plot your property using the Map tool and use it as a base for your design. Your Map image is imported with coordinating scale and north arrow.



Add a layer of lines and color with the Sketch tool. Sketch in 10 colors with adjustable line weight and opacity for solid lines or a wash of color.


Seat Counter

The Events palette seat counter keeps track of the number of seats you’ve placed for your guests when planning events.



Organize your design with Layers functionality. Lock/unlock and make them visible or invisible.



Add text notes with numbered tags to explain features, specify individual plants, and keep track of details.

Photo Background

Take or import a photo from your device to use as your design background (useful for importing a photo of your property plan.)

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.25.16 PM


Use the margin rulers to guide you in making everything the size you want it to be. Turn on or off and select feet or meters in Settings.


Tap and Drag

Simple tap-and-drag functionality. Move, resize, rotate, duplicate, flip, group/ungroup, zoom, undo/redo to get it just right.

Home Outside


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  • Twenty-nine palettes (700+ elements) offer almost everything you might need for your landscape design layout
  • Sample designs to inspire or get you started
  • Simple tap-and-drag functionality
  • Resize, Rotate, Undo/Redo, Duplicate, Flip, Group
  • Rotate elements with “Snap to 90” or turn off to rotate more precisely
  • Snap to grid (elements stick to a re-sizable grid of guidelines, turn on/off in Settings)
  • Rulers (visible at edges of design; zoom in to the single unit; user selects feet/meters; can be turned on/off)
  • Choose from 15 different background colors
  • Create different Layers of elements in your design. Add, delete, rename layers, make each layer visible/invisible, lock/unlock for editing, and reorder layer position.
  • Sketch Tool (allows users to draw garden beds and other free-form shapes with an eraser and brushes of different colors, widths and opacity)
  • Import a Photo as a background (useful for importing a digital image of your property plan)
  • Map Tool (This highly accurate mapping tool based on Google Maps allows you to drop pins at the corners of your property and import the map image with measurements into the app as a background.)
  • North arrow (appears with Map Tool)
  • Notes (allows users to tag elements in their designs with typed comments or descriptions)
  • Light/Dark mode (changes Note tags and North arrow from white to black for visibility against light backgrounds.)
  • Site Analysis palettes to mark the locations of your site’s utilities and light and moisture conditions
  • Animated Figures (a palette of animated elements—a person, dog, cat, bird, and car—that move through your design on a looped or repeating path, adjustable speed, play and stop animation)
  • In-app step-by-step guide to creating your Property Plan.
  • Designs automatically save to the app’s Saved Designs gallery
  • Share designs on social media
  • Email an editable design so friends can edit one another’s designs and email them back and forth

Events Palettes

  • Includes three palettes—Event, Wedding, and Party—with 50 functional, beautiful, and fun elements for planning your special event (indoors or out)
  • Counting Tool helps you keep track of the number of seats you’ve placed for your guests
  • These palettes let you plan the perfect celebration from the tents and tables to the chafing dishes and disco ball


  • palettte-FireCircle
  • palette-maptool
  • palette-slide-5
  • palette_halloween-garden
  • palette-slide-2
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